One-stop Destination for High-quality Spare parts and Safety Equipments

Sea Shell Marine is UAE’s leading marine supplier, providing highest quality ship spare parts and safety equipments that sailors need while sailing across the globe. We have provided technical support, machines and equipment needed on the ships across the UAE. Our services have always helped clients in sailing safe and reach their destination on time.

We collaborate with the leading ship spare parts and marine supply manufacturers. Our partners aid us in supplying machines, components, equipments and supplies you want on your ship. Operating in shipping industry for the last 36 years, we have served numerous clients and supplied products they needed for repairing their ships.

Our experience and ability of serving the clients for all their needs helped us in becoming UAE’s leading marine supplier. Today, we provide our services in industrial, oil field, marine and general engineering support across the UAE.

Our Vision:

Although the competition is getting tougher, the customers are still complaining about the quality of the service and products they are receiving from other marine suppliers. We want to make the clients believe UAE supplies world-class ship spare parts, safety equipments and repair support.

We have supplies for cabin, engine, deck, consumables and other components required on the ship in order to repair it while sailing in the sea. We are working with the leading ship spare parts manufacturers in order to maintain the quality and provide highly durable parts at very reasonable prices.

Our goal:

Sea Shell Marine is now capable of providing supplies for a whole vessel sailing in the sea. We came a long way from where we started our journey. Now our goal is to provide complete industrial and marine services for maintenance, repairing and customizing ships on the ports of UAE. We have experts and supplies which aid us being UAE’s leading ship equipment supplier.