Ship Chandler with A Penchant and an Uncanny Knack for Keeping Things Safe and Organized

Sailing in the middle of the sea is daunting and difficult because things can quickly turn into a bizarre situation. However, you can keep things floating nicely if you can find the best ship chandler that can give you all the devices, equipment and provisions that you need.

Sea Shell Marine is the most reputed marine stores suppliers in UAE operating for more than 30 years in the region. From Deck & engine stores, to spare parts, safety equipment and provisions we cater to both ship owners and ship management companies.

Why should you choose us?

When safety matters: We understand the importance of safe practice in the marine industry therefore, we offer a range of safety products to keep our clients safe while they are in the sea. From the signaling tools to personal protective gears, overboard devices, fire extinguishers, life rafts and life jackets. You can look at our product list to get the best quality equipment. We are the most competent and specialized marine safety equipment suppliers in UAE known for quality.

The best part is that these devices have been produced using highly advanced tools and best materials. All the devices and gears have gone through a robust quality check process to ensure the highest degree of safety.

Spare parts and provisioning to keep you floating nicely: We understand the importance of getting the right spare parts for your ship’s maintenance. Hence, we offer a range of spare parts that include the anchor, vibration mentoring tool, we also offer your food provisions for your crews

Experience, skill and reputation are our strength: We have more than 30 years experience in the business and that makes us extremely knowledgeable and proficient in what we do. Our team is highly trained and qualified to understand each client’s needs. Since we have been in the industry for a long time, we have earned the best chandler in the market and we always try to live up to that reputation that means you are going to get the best products and best service here at the best marine stores suppliers in UAE.

Pricing is perfect: we know for a fact that all our clients expect us to deliver the best service and products at a better price and we live up to that expectation. If you are looking for marine safety equipment suppliers in UAE, then you should consider our service we assure you that you will get everything that you need to cruise nicely. So, call us today and we would love to speak with you and assist you too.

Sea Shell Marine Advantages
  •   Diverse knowledge in the Marine Industry
  •   Premium Suppliers for various products
  •   Capable of Handling Specialized Jobs
  •   30+ Years of Rock-solid Experience in UAE
  •   Professionally Certified Team of Engineers
  •   Obsessively Customer Focus